Modified Pimorini Fanshim Code for slower Quieter running using PWM

Cloned the official code and modified so it runs at 70% speed instead of 100%. 

Especiallly with the Pi making less heat due to recent firmware changes this lower speen is more than sufficient and is far quieter.

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For the more curious coders:

This was based on tests run using in  Repository: Tres: pwm_fanshim

R Pi 4 Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Speed Control of Pimorini Fanshim Fan

r pi with pimorini fanshim fan

Get code for Pimorini Fanshim PWM Control

To install the code that had been controlling the pimorini fanshim fan on my R Pi 4 put the files in this Zip file in the directory /home/pi/fanshim.  It does run nice and quiet even during 100% load stress tests.

Or install from my GitHub Repository:  where you will always find the latest version including any additions to the instal instructions etc.

For full instructions click on READ MORE below.  These explain how to set the code to run automatically at start up.

An example of the HTML file that the code saves in /home/pi/fanshim is shown in the image above.  In this case the R Pi was being used as a desktop. 

The csv log file also shows several 15 minute runs of a 100% stress test and prolonged periods with the R Pi 4 very inactive.

This code as the stable version I had tested for several days on December 3rd 2019.  ( Output of version under development see )

Any comments or queries please email me at .

Software Set Up

This is my collection of commands I have accumulated that I need to get an R Pi working the way I like it.


Raspberry Pi Cheat Sheet for Dataplicity/Tmux/Nginx/Cloud Commander


This article is deliberately brief see the links below for more detail and a full understanding of Dataplicity/Nginx/Cloud Comander and Tmux.

The combination of these has allowed me to run a Python Script at a community centre that controls the heating and monitors tempreatures.  It has run 24/7 for many weeks.  I am able to connect from anywhere and minitor its operation, restart the script if there has been a power interuption and monify the script to try out changes or and fix bugs.


Get set for running Python Control Program: